Linux Shared Hosting Pricing

All our virtual servers include the following

Patching Services

Every 2 weeks we run patching servers for our virtual, dedicated and managed services clients. This includes yum and all control panel updates available.

Control Panels

You get the choice of control panel. We can offer you Plesk, Cpanel, ISPManager, or if you don’t want a control panel you can have direct root access to make configuration changes manually.

Enterprise Hardware

We utilize only Enterprise grade components on our servers. All physical servers utilize 8* Enterprise hot-swappable drives in Hardware RAID 10 formation.

30 Day Backup/Restore Points

Backups run 1 time per day. We can bare metal a server back to its original state in just a few hours, reducing your downtime in those critical emergency issues. We have the ability to granular restore just 1 file if you accidentally deleted something the previous day.

Enterprise Outgoing Spam Filtering

Our spam filtering is based on 4 redundant filters. We filter your out-bound email traffic. Which keeps your server off the blacklists and your email flowing.

Proactive Service Monitoring

We proactively monitor critical services such as http, mail, database and server os features cpu, load, mailqueues. If any alarm within 5 min we work to diagnose and resolve the server alarm and report what we found to the account holder of the problem with the server.