FAQ: Managed Dedicated Hosting

Q: What does “Managed” really mean?

A: This is an extremely common question because “managed” is one of the most commonly used and least defined terms in our industry. In most cases, “managed” dedicated servers include management of the hardware and network, but with Dynamic Net, we provide full server management…from hardware and network all the way down to server hardening, bare metal backup, operating system updates, and much, much more.

Q: What isn’t included under the umbrella of server management?

A: Basically, the parts of the environment proprietary to your business. Your custom software, website, databases, programming, etc. Our goal is to provide you with the hardware, uptime, security, backup, and server administration assistance you need so you can focus on your site, sites, or core business.

Q: Do you have an uptime guarantee?

A: Absolutely. We include a 100% uptime guarantee on network and power. While 100% network and power uptime might not ever be possible over the course of years, we want that pressure and responsibility on us. We believe that with our redundant infrastructure and management, we will continue to provide that level of service for years to come.

Q: Do you offer 24x7x365 server management?

A: Definitely. We offer a variety of management packages, including 24×7.

Q: Do you have any experience in server virtualization?

A: Yes. Whether you’re trying to consolidate multiple physical machines onto one piece of hardware for budget reduction, PCI compliance, or just flexibility, we can help. Our preferred virtualization platform is Citrix Xen and we can install/configure it for you at no charge.

Q: Can you migrate my H-sphere cluster?

A: We sure can. We’ve been working with the Parallels H-sphere control panel for nearly a decade and have extensive experience in migrations, security, and server management on that platform.