FAQ: Shared Hosting

Q: Do I need a new domain name in order to switch web hosts?

A: Absolutely not. If you own your own domain, as most companies do, you can absolutely move it and we can help.

Q: Will my site be down or will I lose email if I choose to move my business to Dynamic Net’s shared hosting?

A: No. With our help and using the tools we provide, you’ll be able to test your new site before it goes “live” to ensure it’s functioning properly and the transition is seamless to your customers.

Q: Can I host more than one web site or domain on my Dynamic Net Hosting plan?

A: Absolutely. All our shared hosting plans include the ability to host unlimited domains for just 1 additional dollar per domain, per month. You can host different divisions of your company, personal sites, development projects…whatever you want.

Q: Do you have an uptime guarantee for shared hosting?

A: We most definitely do. We include a 100% web hosting uptime guarantee for all shared hosting plans.

Q: Do you include protection from Spam and Viruses?

A: Yes. We offer DNI Mail Complete to scrub your email every day, remove spam/viruses, and send you a daily quarantine digest so you can double check for anything that may have been caught in the crossfire.

Q: What if I accidentally delete a file or folder on my site? Is it lost forever?

A: No. We provide full backup on all of the web sites hosted on our servers and can restore a file or site for you any time you like at no charge.

Q: My site requires PCI Compliance…are your hosting plans PCI Compliant?

A: Absolutely. All our shared hosting plans are 100% PCI Compliant.