CloudLinux Operating System – Software as a Service

CloudLinuxMost hosting providers struggle with the same issues day in and day out. How to keep their existing customers happy with performance as they add new clients to the same server; how can they make the most out of each server while putting their customers first.

What about those customers who almost need a vps, but not just yet; and in the mean time, how can they keep those “almost a VPS customer” from impacting other clients on the same machine.

Or the daily fear that one customer didn’t keep their WordPress or Joomla up to date, and they not only get hacked, but then the hack spreads to your other customers.

Are you tired of hosting customer complaints about slow servers, and fighting frustration over being able to identify what sites are causing the problem?

Do you have hosting customers that cannot afford low end VPS services, but use a little too much for shared?

Are you concerned over shared hosting customers lax of site security threatening all of the sites you host?

Keep it simple and smile (K.I.S.S.) those problems goodbye with CloudLinux; a new, software as a service, operating system that provides a secure, lightweight, virtual environment for every shared hosting customer without the need for new hardware.

CloudLinux ensures spikes in resource usage will not take down an entire server. Each customer is given a customizable, finite amount of resources which increases stability for everyone on the server.

Using the K.I.S.S. principal, CloudLinux allows you to start reaping the benefits upon installation allowing you to fine tune over time for those customers that are heading towards their own virtual private server but aren’t there yet.

The CloudLinux operating system works so well, most hosting providers find they can have two to five times as many shared hosting customers on their CloudLinux-based server compared to other operating systems. This away having to spend money on additional servers and all of the related operating costs to keep a server up and running.

Dynamic Net, Inc. is a certified CloudLinux technology partner. We are able to convert your CentOS 5 or 6-based server to CloudLinux, configure and support CloudLinux.

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