SoftLayer LogoWe receive a number of phone calls and emails for requests for quotes and for proposals as a SoftLayer Certified Partner.

One may ask what does a SoftLayer Certified Partner do?

While SoftLayer has a variety of Certified Partners, Dynamic Net, Inc. is a SoftLayer Certified Partner that specializes in server security and server administration.

Server security includes, but is not limited to hacker clean up, server hardening (securing a server against hackers), security audits, server migrations, disk clean up (i.e. /var partition full), mysql optimization, apache optimization, php optimization, trouble shooting high server cpu utilization, trouble shooting high server load, and much more.

Our U.S.-based, level 3, high skilled skilled staff work with cpanel, Parallels H-Sphere, and Parallels Plesk as well as Linux-based servers not running an automation system.

We do work on a contract basis with a deposit prior to any work being started; and once a client is under contract, can often perform new work on just a phone call or an email.

Most of our customers are small businesses that fall under the radar of what a government calls a small business (i.e. one to ten employees, often far less than a million in annual sales) where money is tight.

While we are far from cheap for our rates, we do bill fairly and can often finish tasks with higher quality and speed than a less skilled party who charges a lot less.

If you have servers with SoftLayer and need security and server administration services, please contact us to go over your needs.

We enjoy working on new projects and with customers building long term relationships.