Current Updates

03-24-2014 Security Patching Run

Please participate in – The more who want this free service, the more likely it will be delivered.

Included in all security updates

Every time we are on your server(s) on a scheduled update day, we do perform a mini security audit. Should we find anything of note, you will be notified.

H-Sphere providers, please consider upgrading to H-Sphere 3.6.3 (this does require a new H-Sphere license key from Parallels if upgrading from Hsphere 3.5.1) to stay current. If you would like to update please put in a ticket so we can schedule the upgrade.


Current H-Sphere Updates to be applied with today’s security patching

  • None at this time.

Security system updates to be applied with today’s security patching

  • multiple os packages.

Future changes coming to our upgrades.

  • We are streamlining our upgrade processes. In the future we will have a spot in your control panel to review past upgrades and any work done on servers. They updates will come by email and be posted into your control panel login section. We will announce when this feature is available to all.


Please consider the paid version of Old Script Finder. We recommend running it from cron on any shared web hosting server to notify you of customers who are running outdated applications. Then our recommendation is that you contact customers running outdated applications — Drupal, Joomla, OsCommerce, WordPress, and the like — to upgrade their applications. That will save you and your customers headaches over site-based hacking issues.

Part of being PCI Compliant as well as overall security is the throughout the day review of logs and security reports — logwatch, BFD alerts, and so on.

We can take this critical task off your hands through our Security Monitoring service adding to our peace of mind as we contact IP owners / managers to report abuse as well as review additional security measures on your servers being monitored.

Our Security Monitoring customers receive our Global Security Service (GSS) for free; should you desire to review your own security logs and reports, you may want to consider adding your server(s) to our GSS service for additional, fully automated, protect against hackers.

When we are done working on your server

Patching has been completed on your server(s), when you receive the email we send concerning the operating system update (if any).


** Centos/Redhat 4 is no longer being patched by OS providers. You need to migrate to Centos/Redhat 5 or higher. We still perform the mini security audit on these servers.