Dynamic Net, Inc. is a company founded on the principals of being a follower of Jesus, the Messiah, Savior, Lord, and King of Kings.

One of the challenges we face day to day is maintaining a Biblical view of life.

In a daily perspective, one of the questions we ask ourselves is if we are just going through the motions or are we doing the best we can do, along with looking for areas of improvement.

We try to apply this on a service level not only when our customers call us on the telephone for help or put in support tickets, but in the actual services we provide as well.

Let’s take a deeper look at what this means to our customers and potential customers…

Managed Shared Hosting, Managed VPS Hosting, Managed Reseller Hosting

We’ve been in the managed hosting arena since 1996 (in business since 1995); and on a regular basis we review our network infrastructure, network services, etc. to see what type of add ons and upgrades we can provide to our managed hosting clients — often at zero charge or change of billing.

Since our new site has been live, such changes have been documented in our News section with the latest being an overall increase in bandwidth allocation for our Managed Shared Hosting customers, Managed VPS Hosting customers, and Managed Reseller Hosting customers.

Managed Server Administration, Managed Security, Managed Dedicated Servers (aka MSP customer)

Every MSP customer in good financial standing with us that either has a recurring / subscription-based service or has administration time on file with us receives one to two free hours of administration time in the months of November (for Thanksgiving) and December (for Christmas) as our way of saying thank you for their business.

Sometimes MSP customers have extensive questions which can take an hour or so to answer. While we retain the right to bill for such time, the overwhelming majority of the time, we do it freely as way of saying to our customers “we appreciate your business,” with something to back it up.

Every time we log into a server for security patching, we do a mini security audit to check for root hacks as well as server-based active malware; security patching customers also receive our APF Global Trust Service free of charge.

Security Monitoring customers, in addition to getting our Global Security Service (GSS) included and our APF Global Trust Service included, we notify customers of trending attacks where they can then notify their customer(s) whose trend is in process to dig deeper.

Our GSS customers receive our APF Global Trust Service free of charge. When we see a GSS agent disconnect, if it is due to a server outage, we alert the GSS customer to a down server event.

When we go through a server migration (which can involve multiple servers), we do our best to take a look at the entire picture from start to back. Part of our multiple step process includes a draft migration to ensure our thought process is on key guaranteeing a better end result.

Our Managed Dedicated Server Customers often have a complete package of services from 24 hour care with a guaranteed response time to server administration to various security packages and more. For our managed dedicated server customers, we do our best to be proactive as well as responsive.

While we do believe there are a lot of good companies out there who provide similar services, from talking with our customers, we are held accountable and receive feedback that we are hitting the mark.

If you are not under our care, is your current provider just going through the motions for you? Or are they giving it their all on a regular basis? If the former, we would love to have you under our care. It would be an honor for us to show you our appreciation for your business over time.

Please contact us if you have any questions.