Server Hardening

Did you know that every single server once connected to the Internet is insecure and vulnerable to hackers?

Did you know that once the server has a public IP address, within seconds to minutes, attackers are trying to break in?

DShield, a part of SANS, has a survival time line where they keep track of how quickly a hacker can break into an unprotected server; did you know the bulk of attackers broke in within five (5) minutes?

Some people will tell you all you need is a firewall to be secure. A firewall is a key piece of the security puzzle, think about it. A firewall has to let in valid traffic, correct? i.e. Web browsers, email, etc. Did you know most of the successful attacks got in on the very ports firewalls have to allow into a server?

That is why every single server connected to the Internet needs to be hardened (secured), and then kept hardened through server security patching.

While there are many benefits from running a secured server from increased stability and speed, one key is server hardening provides one of the foundational elements for being PCI Compliant.

We’ve been securing sites and services since 1995, and that of other providers since 2000. While nothing is hacker proof, no server we’ve secured (and kept secured through server security patching) has ever been rooted.

Our server hardening is customized for the server and services running on it; and involves a number of practical, manageable layers designed to prevent a myriad of potential attacks and vulnerabilities available to hackers AFTER they pass through the firewall like any other potential customer.

Our team is even available to fully manage the day to day management of those security layers to provide you with a full service security solution.

Don’t let another day go by with an insecure server. Please call us at 1-717-484-1062 or contact us for more information.