Proactive Security Patching

Ok, so you’ve had your server hardened/secured and you’ve taken a critical first step, but unfortunately, server security isn’t a one step process.

When you install anti-virus software, do you scan once, get your clean report, and never update those definitions or scan again? As we’re all painfully aware, the hackers don’t stop advancing, the viruses don’t stop evolving, and new exploits are found almost every week.

Did you know that every few weeks (often several times a month) operating system updates come out, server application software patches come out, and even the tools used to secure a server have updates on a regular basis?

Under our security patch service, we perform a mini-security audit every two weeks along with applying updates.

By proactively applying critical updates to your server as they are released and constantly improving the methods we use to secure your server, we make sure you stay as safe as possible from the known threats out there as well as the unknown.

Our Security Patching customers receive free access to our APF and CSF Global Trust Service.

Start staying secure today. Please call us at 1-717-484-1062 or contact us for more information.

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