PCI Compliance Assistance

If you’re like most small hosting companies, you have a lot on your plate.

You’re focused on your maintaining hardware, disaster recovery, your staff, the support needs of your clients, growing your business and so much more. One of the many ever-changes needs of your clients are the new PCI Compliance standards and all the associated headaches these scans bring for your support team, but many don’t know where to start addressing the compliance of their servers or helping their clients pass the PCI Compliance scans.

The end result? Normally a frustrated client, a support staff nursing migraines, and the question… what do we do now?

Let us help take away the pain of becoming PCI compliant by reviewing your infrastructure, and working to correct the various reasons your clients are failing their PCI Compliance scans.

We’ve been in the remote server administration business since 1998, with a special focus on web server security. We’ve done the homework. We’ve done the legwork. We can get your servers PCI compliant, remove the burden of the process, end the frustration, and help you satisfy your clients.

Please call us at 1-717-484-1062 or contact us for more information.

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