H-Sphere Upgrades

Let us upgrade your H-Sphere cluster for you.

As you let your H-Sphere version get further and further behind, more and more things are breaking internally (stuff you may not even be aware of is not working), your cluster is becoming more and more insecure.

Even worse, is that if you let your H-Sphere version get so old it is EOL — end of life — Parallels support will turn you away until you’ve upgraded.

Why hire us to do the upgrade for you?

Dynamic Net, inc. has been working with H-Sphere consistently since 2002.

Dynamic Net, Inc. has a proven track record of quality assurance which putting it plainly means making sure things work after you claim you fixed it.

Quality assurance is a process that includes, but is not limited to, change management, documenting all of the steps, walking through each step to test viability, efficiency, and and does the step work in its position / order, as well as testing before the process (to get a base line) and testing after the process (did it work).

Old timers use the phrase of “measure twice, saw once” and we follow that mentality sometimes even measuring several times before the first cut.

Our documented, process-based, tested for quality, approach allows us to do an upgrade sometimes in one forth the time it would take another party to do the upgrade.

A recent, March 2012, example involves one of our competitors quoting to our client it would take them thirteen (13) hours to upgrade seven (7) servers of which five (5) were Windows. The total quote from the competitor was $1,950 for what they projected as 13 hours of work.

We quoted three (3) hours for the same upgrade; and, shared that in a worse case were are off our estimates by 20% which would put the worse case scenario as 3.6 hours.

We did the upgrade for this particular client on Saturday, March 17, 2012 starting at 8:00 AM EDT and we completed the work at 11:00 AM EDT. We were right on target; and the customer asked us to hang out for another hour for them to run through various tests — all of which showed clean and green. Another satisfied customer, thank you Jesus.

This is just one example of many, of the H-Sphere upgrades we have performed for customers over the many years of working with H-Sphere.

Security Patching customers who use H-Sphere receive H-Sphere upgrades for free if scheduled during our business hours.

Not so fine print: Upgrading H-Sphere does require the provider to have an active and current S.U.S. through Parallels; and depending on the version distance from start to finish may need one or more activation codes which are specific to the new version.

Contact us if you have any questions.

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