SSL – Inspire More Online Transactions

Benefits of SSL

Secure pocket layer, also known as SSL certificate is a necessity for any business that wants to receive payments online. SSL certificates are very beneficial to your prospective customers as well as your website. Gaining consumers confident is extremely important if you desire to have a competitive edge in online business. Let’s discuss some of the benefits of SSL to your website and to your clientele as well.

1. Secures your information

If you are operating a business venture online it is likely you have come about SSL. This is a popular online security method that uses encryption to keep data received on your website by your clients secure to avoid credit card fraud. Since identity theft is increasing at an alarming rate, protecting your business through SSL is a smart option that will save you a lot of money.

2. Peace of mind

SSL certificates give your customers a peace of mind when they know your website is safe to make monetary transactions. When you gain their confidence, they will refer their friends and family to your website, increasing your revenues.

3. Provides authentication

Another benefit of SSL security encryption is that it provide authentication when data is transferred through a network to ensure that the information is not tampered with. Moreover, SSL is easy to operate in any network environment, which makes remote access safe and simple.

4. Confident Consumers

This is the major reason why it is important to have this certificate on your site, especially if you are dealing with monetary transactions. It helps consumers to verify that indeed you are protecting their personal information. Therefore, make a point of placing a site seal or other image-based representation of the certificate on your website.

5. Increased Website Conversions

According to a Gartner Survey done in August 2006, approximately $2 billion in ecommerce sales were lost because of security concerns among online shoppers. Providing a secure online environment builds customer trust in your website and can translate into increased sales and other conversion activity. Website security is a must for online transactions.

Just like a hosting plan and website domains, the SSL certificate expires; typically you need to renew the SSL certificate yearly. This means you are required to incur the subscription charges to keep the protection active.

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