Foundation for PCI Compliance

Dynamic Net, Inc. provides a strong foundation for PCI Compliance for all of our managed hosting customers. While each site that touches credit card data — data entry, data processing, etc. — needs to be individually scanned by a PCI Compliance scanning provider that has been certified by the PCI Compliance Counsel, because we have a strong foundation for PCI Compliance, our customers achieve PCI Compliance faster and often more economically (time is money) than other providers who do not take security seriously.

What is our strong foundation for helping our customers achieve and maintain PCI Compliance faster and with less time than other providers?

  • All of our servers are hardened (secured) where all unnecessary applications and services are removed, and those services remaining are secured.
    • Proactive security patching.
    • Monitored intrusion detection system; our global security service is used by other hosting providers, and the larger the neighborhood, the sooner we stop the hacker before they get to your site.
    • Daily check of all domain names hosted against Google’s Safe Browsing Database.
  • Continuous vulnerability monitoring.
  • Managed anti-virus protection (even if you opt out of the anti-spam for email), our web servers have automated malware detection as well as anti-virus running on them.
  • Log file monitoring and management (which includes contacting data centers hosting sites that tried to hack into our servers to have such sites shut down or cleaned up).
  • We alert our customers monthly if we find they are using out of date applications.

More and more banks are requiring their customers to be PCI Compliant. We help you get there faster; we keep you there. In the end your bank is happy, and you are happier. Look over our managed hosting plans, and contact us now if you have any questions.

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