Managed Dedicated Servers

What makes Dynamic Net, Inc.’s offering of “managed dedicated servers” different than and other providers who state they offer managed dedicated servers is how we define the word, managed. and other market leaders typically define “managed” as the network is managed (for which the market leaders, including do a wonderful job), but when it comes to the servers…. well, only if you ask for help; and most of the help is for one time projects or one time issues.

Most business owners need proactive managed hosting where the hosting provider is managing the server throughout the day from reviewing the server log files to taking care of security updates and more.

When a business owner calls, they prefer the highest level technician works on any urgent issues (as the client determines what is urgent) asap, rather than spending hours going through layers of technicians (level 1 support, level 2 support, and so on).

While the business owner wants a well managed network, they also want a well managed server.

That is where Dynamic Net, Inc. comes into play. We cover every aspect of your dedicated server from extremely high quality data centers and hardware to operating system updates, server security, and server management.

Most of our clients use custom hardware configurations that are specific to their business needs.

Contact us today so we can discuss your specific needs to determine what hardware would fit, and provide you with a bundled package for a true managed dedicated server.