WordPress and the various plugin authors update their software on a regular basis. Sometimes this can be weekly, and other times once or twice a year.

If you host a WordPress site with us, you should make a good habit of logging into your WordPress administrator area as the administrator (rather than as an author, for example) on a weekly basis.

Check your dashboard update area to see if there are updates to WordPress as well as your plugins. Updating WordPress and your plugins is as easy as selecting them and going through the browser-based prompts to update them.

One of the reasons this good habit is critical to develop and keep is that a number of the updates published by WordPress and plugin authors are security related. Failing to keep your applications up to date on the Web often means giving hackers the key(s) to your web site.

Please don’t kid yourself thinking your WordPress site is of no consequence telling yourself that no one would ever want to hack into your website or blog.

Hackers typically want the resources they can steal from your site—bandwidth and disk space; they then use those resources to cause havoc in your name by sending out spam, streaming porn or what not.

Browse http://secunia.com/advisories/search/?search=WordPress and you will see various security issues with WordPress plugins and WordPress itself. Also browse http://wordpress.org/news/category/security/ to see that even WordPress has security issues from time to time (as the previous link has more plugin security issues than WordPress).

Please do login weekly as your WordPress site super administrator and check for updates; your site will be more secure because of your actions.