We would like to welcome Jeffery Kilonsky as the new CEO of Dynamic Net, Inc.on 12/1/2012.

He brings in a vast knowledge of hosting, servers, Hsphere, and security management since 1999. His abilities include the ability to troubleshoot Hsphere to a code level with full source access. No more contacting Parallels support for Hsphere problems. Updating packages outside of Hsphere to keep your system far after Parallels drops Hsphere.

Jeffery has produced a number of Hsphere Addons that many hosts use on a day to day basis like Hsphere Stats, Mailfoundry and SpamExperts integration, many different Hsphere skins, Xenserver and many java fixes to the direct code of Hsphere.

Jeffery has worked in a datacenter environment managing over 200 servers, advanced network setups, securiy and monitoring of servers, cloud environment with xenserver and the advanced troubleshooting of os related issues. He helped grow a company from 2 employees to with 2 servers to a 12 employees and cage of 12 racks before the consulting for that contract ended.

Prior to the above Jeffery worked in the credit card industry repairing credit card machines to the component level overseeing 10 technicians. The company had 1 pc and no online presence. He wired a computer in every office all tied to backend server and storage. He built the system to track the repair from entering the door till it left.

There will not be any changes to your services and no migrations to a new facility. The same services you have and the quality and level you expect from DNI will continue. Dec 3rd and future patching will continue as planned. DNI timezone for support hours phone calls will change from EST to CST which should benefit clients on the west coast.

Many clients will be concerned as they have come to love Peter and Laura for the long commitment of service to DNI. Peter and Laura will be in the background for a while to help with business continuity. From Peters own words: “I can’t thank Jeffery enough as he has taught me a lot of what I know about Hsphere and you couldn’t be in better hands to take DNI to the next level.”

Please note DNI address has changed:

Dynamic Net, Inc.
2445 Graystone Drive
Little Elm, TX 75068