Why DNI?

We help small businesses have secure web sites for their online business.

Most small business owners don’t have an IT staff or one that is familiar with PCI compliance, and other security requirements of making sure their web site(s) are as safe from hackers as possible.

Our business is unique because the majority of PCI Compliant Hosting providers focus on medium to large enterprises with economic and time factors that push small businesses out of the way.

We focus on small businesses providing them with economies of scale — start off small, and grow to what you need; as well as hand holding them through the often complex process of becoming PCI Compliant.

To put it in English, our competitors sell armored tanks that most small businesses cannot afford let alone drive; we sell armored cars affordable to most small businesses — and we will drive with them to make sure they get to the proper destination.

Contact us if you have questions concerning how we can help your small business have a secure web site.