Company Background

Dynamic Net, Inc. is a fully managed hosting provider, and the provider of facility and a non-facility based server management and security services.

Often times, we’re actually the server management or server security team behind other hosting companies and data centers.

The foundation of Dynamic Net, Inc. started on June 1, 1995 when PMP Computer Solutions was formed as a sole proprietorship by Peter M. Abraham.

Our managed hosting services started in late 1996 with our first customer being an online bank; that’s were we learned the critical importance of a secure, stable hosting environment that performed well with high uptime.

While the online banking firm eventually went completely in-house, after several years of service the CEO stated they had 100% up time for their online banking site for several years in a row.

On January 21, 1998, we incorporated as Dynamic Net, Inc. in the state of Pennsylvania.

In the year 2000, we started providing remote server administration and remote security administration services under the DBA name of We Manage Severs.

Over the years, we’ve cultivated long-term relationships with the our clients; and, we view our customer focus and customer commitment as being a major factors why we have such low customer turnover compared to the industry at large.

In the year 2012, Dynamic Net changed hands as Peter Abraham retired. Jeffery Kilonsky took the helm, purchasing smaller hosting companies and incorporating them into the DNI brand.

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