6/20/11 – Our servers are WordPress 3.2 ready.

The first release candidate (RC1) for WordPress 3.2 is now available. The official final release of WordPress 3.2 set on June 30, 2011, packed with great features added and various bug fixes. WordPress also announced that the new version will be much faster than the older version. WordPress 3.2 will require PHP 5.2.4 and MySQL 5.0.15 or greater; on both counts we are using more up to date versions of PHP and mySQL than are required. All of our shared hosting servers are ready and able to host WordPress 3.2.

Last year Google announced that they will discontinue Internet Explorer 6 support with all of their services. WordPress 3.2 will also discontinue the support of Internet Explorer 6; this doesn’t mean that WordPress will not run on IE6, but if you encounter any bug, WordPress support will not be accepting bug complaints if you’re running IE6.

WordPress 3.2 promises user to have a much faster page load and upgrades. They streamlined most commonly used function on WordPress Core to give improvement on user experience.

We are looking forward to using the release version of WordPress 3.2; are you?