7/21/11 – Peter M Abraham, CSO of Dynamic Net, Inc., has been selected to be one of the founding members of the OpenSRS Advisory Council.

In the words of Ben Lucier of OpenSRS…

Who are the Advisory Council Members?

I’d like to give you a bit of insight into members who will be on the conference call and participating in the Advisory Council.

We made every effort to cultivate a group of individuals, facing similar challenges to each other and strong opinions about what they want. In many respects we were looking for leaders, mentors and entrepreneurs willing to speak their mind, share things with the group and generally move us collectively forward.

We received more than 150 applications and after careful consideration, selected 50 founding members from the ISP, mass / niche web hosting, portal, managed service, cloud and SAAS service, and design industry. The members are founders, owners, and senior management within their organizations. All of them have at least 150 domains under management, but less than 1,000.

The first meeting was held this morning via conference call along with a webinar application which allowed for a white board, chat, and polls. The discussions ranged from making it easier to promote and sell our services, ip v6, credit card processing fees, and finally the continuing trend of false renewal / domain name expiration notices.