12/17/10 – As part of our effort to constantly continue improving the performance, reliability, and security of our managed shared hosting service, Dynamic Net has launched CloudLinux on all our shared hosting servers.

CloudLinux is a commercially supported, web hosting optimized operating system that uses a combination of technologies including LVE (Lightweight Virtual Environments) to give each individual hosting account it’s own virtual private container. In layman’s terms, these containers allow server resources to be used more efficiently, helps protect clients from the impact of other shared sites on available server resources, and helps protect against downtime in the event another site is hacked or experiencing code errors that would slow down the server.

The end result for our clients is greater stability and more protection from the impact of other sites on the server.

Dynamic Net has also partnered with CloudLinux to offer this exciting new technology to our Managed Service, Managed Security, and Managed Dedicated hosting clients.