Global Security Service (GSS)

Wouldn’t it be nice if your server automatically blocked a wide variety of web based attacks—worm based and so many more—spreading across the net before your own servers where ever in contact with the coming threat?

If one of your servers were among the those hit first, wouldn’t it be comforting to know the server not only blocked the attack, but notified your other servers and the network neighborhood about coming danger, as well?

The idea of neighborhood watches go back to the 1960’s when families and communities knew that if they stuck together, patrolling the places they live and work, they could make a difference in the security and safety of their homes and work places.

The global security service from Dynamic Net, Inc. works in a similar way. We install a patrol agent on your Linux or Windows servers. That agent both watches for attacks and listens for results from other agents.

If one agent blocks an attack, all other patrols are notified, and they block the attacker in advance of any attack. All the patrol agents in our global neighborhood watch communicate the attacks they are facing in real time so servers in Pennsylvania know about an attack that’s taking place in Europe before it can ever spread to them and catch them off guard.

You can have safety in numbers, and have another, practical and manageable security layer in place with our global security service (GSS).

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