Managed VPS Hosting

As your business grows, you will inevitably need more flexibility in your hosting platform to provide more control and allow for more customization.

Many companies jump directly to a dedicated server and the prices can sometimes be enticing, but invariably, it’s the wraparound services that end up either blowing the budget or causing several critical points of failure.

Who will update the operating system? Is there a firewall in place? Who’s hardening the server, stopping hackers, and backing it up? Who do you call for help when there is more complicated problem on the machine or a last ditch reboot doesn’t correct the problem?

That’s where Dynamic Net’s managed VPS (Virtual Private Server also known as a Virtual Machine) comes into play. It provides the dedicated resources of a physical server in a completely managed and secured package.

You get all the power, stability, and flexibility of a dedicated server, but all the security, safety, management, and backup of our shared hosting accounts, making the VPS plan the perfect blend of technology and service for growing companies not yet ready for an IT staff to manage their web server management or the know-how and budget to outsource it.